Research Policy

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Support ADL Smartcare's Healthy Ageing across the UK

ADL Smartcare's Ethical Research into healthy ageing

We and our users are proud to support ADL Smartcare's research into improving ageing across the UK and internationally. You can opt in to the ADL Research's healthy ageing research where your anonymised data collected as a part of this service, supports and improves ageing for future generations.

At no point are you identified as part of ADL Smartcare's research and the aims of ADL Research is to improve the evidence, services, ageing and outcomes for us all to promote healthy ageing and happier lives for longer.

You can opt in during the registration process and once registered, you can opt in or out within the account area.

ADL Smartcare's Research facility at the National Innovation Centre for Ageing at Newcastle University improves the evidence and learning on healthy ageing, living better for longer and impacting the lives every day people. Together we can impact long term ageing and support healthy ageing across the UK.

We would like to thank you for helping future generations to live, happier and heathier lives and you can be confident that you are never identified.

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